Shangri La is based on a true story about a white-collar Chinese worker that lives in Beijing. After he reads the fantasy novel “Lost horizon”, he begins an extraordinary journey with a backpack to find his “Shangri-La”. His quest to find it was so intense that he crossed 6 provinces and 12 cities, passing by the Shangri-La and the Tibet region.
On his way, he meets and talks with many travelers such as a Tibetan Thangka master, a Wudang Kong Fu master, a hundred years old Daoist priest and a philosophy professor. Once he understands their advices, he follows his own feelings to realize that he was guided to a mysterious place.

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Carlo Christian Spano
Carlo Christian Spano
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Lha La (lha bla)
Some confusion exists between two Tibetan words, sometimes used interchangeably: lha and la. The first, lha, is the Tibetan word used to translate the Sanskrit deva, meaning “deity,” “god,” or “divine.”

The word la (bla) literally means that which is “higher” or “above,” as in the word lama, the Tibetan translation of the Sanskrit guru (which literally means “heavy,” —heavy with good qualities, as the tradition explains). Lama Ugyen once explained lama as “one who looks down from above (la) with the love that a mother (ma) has for her children.”

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Winner "Best Narrative Feature", Omichka International Film Festival, Russia 🇷🇺.
Semi-Finalist, LA Cinefest, USA 🇺🇸.
Finalist, Echo Film Festival BRICS, Russia 🇷🇺.
Official Selection, LIFFT INDIA Filmotsav, India 🇮🇳.
Official Selection, The 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards, China 🇨🇳.
Official Selection, Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival, Pakistan 🇵🇰.

Semi Finalist, LAIFFA Los Angeles Indipendent Film Festival Award, USA 🇺🇸.

Official Selection, Travel Film, Russia🇷🇺.

Finalist at CAADF China Academy Awards for Documentary Cinema, China🇨🇳.

Official Selection-December Edition, Miami Indipendendent Film Festival🇺🇸.

Official Selection-December Edition, Roma Cinema DOC, Italy 🇮🇹 .

Winner Best Documentary Short, Nomination as “Best original” and “Best Editing”, Top Indie Film Awards, USA🇺🇸.

Official Selection, Largo Film Awards, Switzerland🇨🇭.

Winner Environmental / Mountain Culture Competition, Mountain Film Festival, 🇺🇸USA.

Official Selection, Grecanica International Film Festival, Italy 🇮🇹 .

Semifinalist, Hollywood Verge Film Awards, 🇺🇸USA.

Official Selection, Hollywood Forever Film Festival, 🇺🇸USA.

Winner AWARD of MERIT-Special Mention, IMPACT DOCS Awards, 🇺🇸USA.

Official Selection, TWIFF The World's Independent Film Festival, 🇺🇸USA.

Official Selection, Balkan Can Kino, 🇬🇷Greece.

Official Selection, Great Lakes International Film Festival, 🇺🇸USA.

Official Selection, Guangzhou International Film Festival, China🇨🇳.

Winner PLATINUM AWARD-Foreign Short Doc, Oregon Film Awards, 🇺🇸USA.

Semifinalist, Official Selection, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival HIMPFF, 🇺🇸USA.

Winner AWARD OF EXCELLENCE-Best Cultural Short, Semifinalist as “Best foreign doc short”, HIIDA Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, 🇺🇸USA.

Official Selection, Kino-Duel International Film Festival, Belarus.

Silver Remi Award, WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, 🇺🇸USA.

Maple Leaf Award 2019, Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, Canada.

Official Selection, VIVA Film Festival, Bosnia Herzegovina.

Official Selection, LIMPA London International Motion Pictures Awards, UK.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards - 2017.png
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Largo Film Awards - 2018.png
Carlo Christian Spano
Shangri La Carlo Christian Spano
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